Bikes for heavy riders – what are you riding?

Posted by SuperClydesdale on May 30, 2010 under Clydesdale Survey, Surveys | 16 Comments to Read

With all of the Clydesdale riders that I get on this site (I am now up to several thousand unique visitors per month),  I want to create a database of what us big guys ride, and whether we’d recommend it to other clydesdale riders.  I am starting off with the key components for heavy riders:  framesets, wheelsets, and cranksets (apparently, all the “sets”).

I have created a simple survey to allow readers of this site to tell me about themselves, and the primary road bike that they ride.

I am constantly being asked “what is the best wheelset for a heavy rider?” or “what type of frame should I get?”  There are so many manufacturers that it’s difficult to make a singular recommendation, although readers of this site will notice my recommendations based on my personal experience, both things the avoid as well as those that I’ve had good experiences with.

Announcing the official Big & Tall Bike Survey: