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If you break road bike frames,  snap spokes, destroy anything with the words “carbon” and “fibre” in their description, ruined wheels, or pinch-flatted as many times as you’ve farted, you may be a clydesdale.   Perhaps you are an especially big-boned super clydesdale, or the glandularly challenged pachyderm.


I hate to admit it, but I’m a “special needs” cyclist.   This site is dedicated to the needs, desires, and adventures of heavy riders.

Through my tortured cycling career, I’ve been forced to become a tinkerer with my bike configuration, just to be able to ride dependably, enjoy myself, and keep up with less masculine riders who only wish they shopped in the men’s department — and I’m not talking about the ladies.  I’m speaking of the whippets that dominate our sport, and hog all of the product research dollars of the major manufacturers.   What us larger riders end up with is just larger versions of what is being manufactured for much smaller riders.  A component designed to be as light and durable as possible under the weight of a 170-180 pound rider, is not designed to be ridden hard by a 200+ pound clydesdale.

My local bike shop makes be sign a waiver just to come in the door.


My right leg weighs more than the typical hard core cyclist, and most retailers don’t understand issues of high-performance heavier riders, and neither do many manufacturers of bikes, accessories, components, clothing and apparel.   Everything I’ve done in my > 20 years on a bike has been through trial and error.   Even  when I was a waif in college, riding 30-50 miles per day on weekdays, and more on weekends, I weighed 195 pounds.   I’m not getting there any time soon.   I’ve put on a lot of “muscle”, and my years of experience and wisdom apparently weigh a few pounds as well.   It’s like the mysterious dark matter that physicists have been chasing for years  – there’s just a few extra pounds that cannot be accounted for.

So welcome, rejoice, exhale and let out that gut.   You’re amongst friends here, tubby.

Actually, if you felt a sense of relief from the previous sentence, then get the hell out of here.   This site is for serious riders.   Hardcore, frame snapping, wheel destroying heavy riders.   Riders that crush the little guys on the flats & the rollers, only to see them wave goodbye on the long 9% grade.

If you’re not there, but want to get there, then stick around.  This site is for you too.

About Me

What's that? Is that me in front of my Campy poster signed by Eddy Merckx?

I am an avid cyclist, having returned to serious riding after a long layoff.   My mission is to share the love of cycling with newcomers, and try to pull casual cyclists into a deeper love affair with riding.

As a people-watcher, 230-pound rider (down from 252!), and a bitter, petty, and jealous man, I enjoy commenting on just about anything, and have decided to use this blog vent.

I hope that this site will encourage knowledgeable readers to reply, particularly with regard to advice for fellow heavy riders.   We are an overlooked segment of the cycling market.   Much of what I’ve learned over the last 25 years has been through trial and error — many broken parts (frames, wheels, derailleurs, etc.),  sites like sheldonbrown.com, roadbikereview.com, countless hours of research on my own, and discussions with seasoned heavy riders.

You can contact me at jack@superclydesdale.com.

A note about the drawing above with the weights of different categories of riders…   the elephant is French.   I’m not.   He was supposed to say “my ass is killing me.”   I went to babblefish.com for a translation.    What came out of babblefish.com is “my donkey is massacring me.”    I don’t know if I want to change it.