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I’m pumped to be able to go to Interbike this year.   The last time I went, I was in college.  The absolute highlight was that I got some autographs from my idol Eddy Merckx.   It’s been a long time since, so I am PUMPED!  I hope Eddy remembers me.  I was the big guy asking for his autograph.

For the unenlightened, Interbike is like Comic-Con for people with low resting heart rates and/or a girlfriend.  It’s the largest bicycle manufacturer convention in the U.S., held this year on Sept 22nd-23rd.  It’s intended to allow manufactures to show their gear to retailers and the media.  And, like any big show, it’s in Vegas, baby!

I plan on doing some serious big man research, and represent the big rider to the manufacturers.  Oh yeah, I’ll be representin’…   I will demand that Shimano, SRAM, Ritchey, and Campy make longer cranks.  I will insist on wider handlebars, and larger, stiffer frames with higher bottom brackets.   I will get in the face of every clothing manufacturer that makes a 6X (XXXXXXL) jersey that still doesn’t fit a Clydesdale.  In short, I’ll probably get tossed out of Interbike in about 15 minutes.

I imagine that going to Interbike will be like my last trip to Hong Kong.  Even at just  6’3”, I felt like a giant.   I’m sure Interbike will be populated by whippets and former whippets (just called “short people” now that their competitive days have passed).

Given that I was born & raised in Las Vegas, the trip is a chance to return and ride some of my favorite rides that I did regularly while in college – that’s right, I went to the Harvard of the Desert, a.k.a. UNLV.   Actually, UNLV is much better than Harvard — the women are incredibly hot, and because it’s 300 degrees outside, they don’t wear much.   When studying for tests into the wee hours, we’d run down to get $1 midnight breakfast (I was so broke, I had to borrow the dollar).  Got either of those things at Harvard?  Didn’t think so.

At any rate, I am considering driving down from NorCal with my bike in tow, and riding some of the rides:

  • The Red Rock Canyon loop – a short but challenging loop through some incredible red sandstone formations.  To get a better ride, you can go around twice, or turn around and go back the blue electronic cigarette opposite direction.  Either way, it’s spectacular scenery unique to the area.
  • Mount Charleston loop – a very long and steep climb up to Lee Canyon, what passes for a ski resort in Southern Nevada.   There’s a sister canon named Kyle Canyon, and a connecting road between them.
  • Lake Mead loop – a ride out to Boulder City, then down to the Lake, and back along Las Vegas Wash.

Now, the downside of a September ride in Las Vegas is that there’s about a 50% chance that I will melt.  I could soften up on the ride, and risk becoming fused to the seat.  My shoes could suddenly combust.   My helmet could start cooking my head – the warning sign there is that you smell that sickening aroma of burnt hair.  There were times during the many hundreds of rides that I took year-round in Vegas that I was convinced that one or all of the above were happening to me.  What’s really amazing to me is that during those years, I had a single water bottle.  16 ounces.  I used at least half of it on my feet (I am not kidding – it felt like my feet were about to burst into flames), a quarter of it on my head and back, and the rest I drank.  That left me about four ounces of water for internal use, and I would usually do the entire ride without stopping for water.  I can’t even walk to the car without a recovery drink now.   I take a gu just to make it into work.

I may stop in Mammoth on the way down from NorCal and visit High Sierra Cycle Center – maker of the longer crankset I now use, as well as do a ride near Mammoth, Bishop, or Lone Pine.

Another option is the Outdoor Demo being held the two days prior (Sept 20th and 21st) in nearby Boulder City.  This would be a great chance to try out the latest mountain bike and cyclocross rides.  That would be entirely appropriate for a recent convert to the dirt like myself.

Whatever the prelude, you can count on seeing me walking the isles in Vegas.  If you see a big buy walking around Interbike with a SuperClydesdale T-Shirt on, there’s a reasonable chance that’s me (since the only other people that have them had to donate to my charity ride).

  • spencer said,

    Please come back with reports of your clydesdale findings. I’d be interested in whatever you can find for the heavy clydesdale as well as the taller folks. I’d love to hear about your findings.

  • spencer said,

    Please come back with reports of your clydesdale findings. I’d be interested in whatever you can find for the heavy clydesdale as well as the taller folks. I’d love to hear about your findings.

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