2010 Ride For A Reason

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I am doing something here this week which goes against every fiber of my being.  I will not make fun of anyone, belittle anyone, or otherwise berate or embarrass people in this article… or at least not many.

This article is simply to celebrate.

This past Saturday was the 2010 Ride For a Reason, a large charity ride in the Sacramento area.   To call it a ride is really selling it short.  It’s an event.  You don’t participate so much to ride – although I did get 40 miles of pretty vigorous riding in – you participate because it’s just a great time.  And, you just so happen to be on or near your bike most of the time.

Ride For a Reason is a big family-oriented fitness party with some cycling thrown in.  It’s a celebration of people’s survival of cancer, and a dedication to those who have been taken by cancer and Parkinson’s Disease.  The ride itself is pretty flat, with an optional hill, so riders of all levels can participate without any problems.  The course loops around Lake Natoma in Folsom, California.  The idea is to do as many loops as time permits.  The loop is about 13 miles, or with the optional hill, 19 miles.  There are three rest stops, although you don’t rest at them, you play games, race tricycles, shoot plastic arrows at a big sumo-looking blow-up doll with a bikini (?), use a catapult to launch projectiles at a castle.  All of the games provide raffle tickets as prizes, so kids have a gre

Me racing trikes at a "rest stop" with my buddy Chris. Chris is a Clydesdale wannabe, and one of my primary riding partners.

at time doing these fun and easy games and collecting tickets.

Ride For A Reason is put on by two terrific people, John Crews and Lori Scheel.  John – who also is the owner of one of the largest bike shops in the Sacramento Area, called Bicycles Plus — was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at 40, and Lori lost her father to cancer Penis Enlargement.  The event inspires people to find a “reason” and then commit the ride to that reason, and any optional fundraising.   I got to know Lori this year, and she is a pretty amazing person, basically dedicating several months of her life every year to putting on this event.

While I have lost numerous people in my life to cancer, and have close friends that are cancer survivors, my reason for participating in Ride For A Reason is… because it’s a big-ass party!  And, I buy so many raffle tickets that I almost always win the prize I target.  This year, I won an Oakley watch.   Not just a watch – a titanium Minute Machine – a sweet looking watch that is Clydesdale-sized.  Now, this would be terrific on its own, but I am simply upholding a tradition that I established three years ago, by winning an Oakley watch in 2008.  I won a second Oakley watch in 2009.  And now, a third!  I have to keep coming to Ride For A Reason if for no other reason than to keep my streak alive!  That’s my reason, cancer be damned.

“What’s your reason, Jack?”

“I’m here to win another watch.”

I’ve always been an energetic fundraiser, and for the last two years, I have selected Ride For A Reason as my benefiting charity.   It’s also my riding team’s mandatory ride for the year.  I’m with a great local team called Team Revolutions, and they had at least a hundred riders there.  It was an impressive display.

This year, it was a race to the finish, but with the help of readers of this site, as well as generous friends and co-workers, I was able to come out as the top fundraiser for the 2010 Ride For A Reason.

Thank you to my generous readers for their support.  For those of you who donated more than $25 through www.superclydesdale.com, your T-Shirt is on the way soon!   100% of the money you donated went straight to the charity.

The fundraising king on his throne.

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