The completion of the California Triple Crown

Posted by SuperClydesdale on June 15, 2009 under Rides | Be the First to Comment

Well, that was easy.

I finished the last of my planned three double centuries for the calendar year — the Davis Double.

I rode 600 miles and all I got was this lousy jersey?

I rode 600 miles and all I got was this lousy jersey?

I now can wear my California Triple Crown jersey, which seemed like a lofty goal when I set out.   Triple Crown winners are a somewhat exclusive club made up entirely of people that have no sense.  In retrospect, I feel like Mark Twain — I don’t know that I want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member (a butcher job of his famous statement to be sure).   Not to take away anything from the fine people that achieve Triple Crown status, but I am left to wonder…  if I could do it, how hard could it be?  Now, I feel compelled to repeat the feat, but change it up a bit.    A fixed gear is passe — plus, I saw some poor fool walking his fixie up Cobb Mountain during the Davis Double.   Perhaps I should do it on a unicycle.   Or doing a wheelie.   Maybe this time I’ll wear clothing.   Have to think about it.

Riding double centuries is different from lesser rides (I can say that, now that I am a Triple Crown Winner and you’re not).   The people are polite and mellow.   Not a lot of hammer heads, and not near as many younger riders.   Not a lot of clydesdales either.   During the Death Valley Spring Double, I was passed by two guys from Scotland riding in a little mini-paceline, switching off about every minute or so.   I knew that they were Scottish when one of them shouted out “my god, you’re as big as a house!” with a thick accent.    I think that they were doing the “100-mile option” or there’s no way that two young thin riders would ever have passed me.   It just doesn’t happen.

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