May is bike, er ah, wine month

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Tim Kesserling of  Peloton Cellars dropped off some wine this morning.  What a great way to start any day, let alone the month of May, which as we all know (?) is bike month.

May is Bike month

Promoting cycling in my area

May is Bike Month is a Sacramento organization dedicated to promotion of cycling in the Sacramento region, where I live.  While it seems to be intended to increase the number of people commuting to work, it also promotes bicycling in general.  The idea seems to create a friendly competition among local employers to see how many miles their employees can ride.  You register under your employer or team, then you make a pledge as to how many miles you will ride during the month of May.

But, back to the wine…

Also with May comes the  resumption of the consumption of beer & wine.  ”Resumption of the consumption” — I like the ring of that.   Those of you depraved/dim-witted enough to have read this site for some time may recall that I had cut back on alcohol as a part of my weight loss challenge, and had stuck with this sad situation  through February and April.  Man, I’m glad that’s over.   With the heavy  burden of that unnatural state off my back, come May 1st, I am free to imbibe, so the timing of the Peloton Cellars visit was… spectacular.

Tim brought three varieties for me:   2006 Paso Robles Zinfandel, 2005 Paso Robles Syrah, and 2005 2005 Diamond Jem Cabernet Sauvignon, also from Paso Robles.    As I am writing this, I am enjoying the Cab.  I am into bolder red wines, and the 2005 Diamond Jem is quite good.  I can’t wait to get into the Zinfandel and the Syrah.   Tim said he was going to bring some wine for me, and when I saw him carrying an entire case, I knew I had scored.   He even carried it in while walking in his cycling shoes, added to the great impression he was making.  There was some suspense, and I know that walking in cycling shoes can be tough enough, let alone while carrying a case of wine.  I knew that this guy had done some serious cycling as well as some serious partying over the years.

But, back to May is Bike Month…

Every day, you post your miles.   Its on the honor system, so anybody that has ever been in a golf tournament knows – there are going to suspiciously high numbers of miles posted.   Pretty much any competition that is (a) a competition and (b) based on the honor system is really as much a demonstration of dishonorable behavior as anything else.   But, its all for fun and fitness anyway, so it doesn’t really matter unless you happen to be insanely competitive.  Like me.

I initially pledged 500 miles for the month, and was promptly shamed into upping it to 600 miles, which is going to be a challenge for me, the proverbial “stretch goal.”   That’s 150 miles a week.  I did 150-200 miles a week last year as I was training for my California Triple Crown, but it was a huge time sink.   500 was pretty reachable, and the extra hundred feels like a thousand.  And, given that my biggest competitor is myself, I want to crush myself.  I want to blow myself away.  I feel like if I can do 600 miles, then me or myself should be to do about 700 miles.  It’s going to be tough – I don’t know who is going to win this thing –  me, myself, or I?

But, back to the wine…

Cool wine kit from Peloton

Cool wine kit from Peloton Cellars

The Peloton Cellars wine is good stuff, and the winery has recently scored very well with Wine Spectator, with their 2007 Laetitia Vineyard Syrah earning a 90-point rating, and their 2006 Diamond Jem Cabernet Sauvignon earning a 90-point rating as well.   Their 2008 Sauvingon Blanc was awarded “Editor’s Choice” by

This is a wine made by fellow cyclists.  They have cycling-related quotations on the back of each bottle after 2006.  My favorite is,

To prepare for a race there is nothing better than a good pheasant, some champagne and a woman.

- Jacques Anquetil, 5-time Tour de France winner.

Ah, the good old days.  Although, its peculiar that Jacques Anquentil was only particular with regard to the quality of  the pheasant.

Any winery that sells cycling jerseys, whose event’s list includes two criteriums and a link to the Tour of California on their web site, and brings we wine, is my kind of winery.  Check it out.

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