Spiffy new multi-tool, cool idea from Pedro’s

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Tulio multi-tool

The Tulio multi-tool, replaces the skewer on your wheel

Manufacturers are always trying to figure out new ways of providing tools that take up less space, so that you can have more room in your bike bag for ample amounts of chamois butter.  Weight is also a key concern, because for a guy like me (225lbs currently), if I can shave a couple of grams off my ride, I know that it will be make-or-break on my next big climb.

I know people that carry practically nothing, in hopes that if something were to happen on a ride, someone else will be carrying what they need to get back on the road.  They don’t want to carry anything, because they know that if they even carried a spare tube, they could no longer keep up with you.  God forbid carrying a multi tool!  How could they possibly ascend a long climb carrying a multi-tool in their bag?   Lance Armstrong doesn’t have to carry a multi-tool, why should they?

So, for those of us that carry what we need, so as not to be a burden on cycling society, Pedro’s has a clever new way of carrying a multi-tool that is up to both the size and the weight challenge — it replaces the quick-release skewer on your wheel.

This is so very cool that I immediately went out to try to find one —  I want to try this out.  On-line, I found a couple of sellers who list it, but are out of stock.  I found a nice range of Pedro’s stuff on Amazon, but apparently, “tulio” is also Italian (or something) for “banana hammock” (and, yes ladies, that is me modelling those slings).

Tulio is described on pedros.com as:


For 2010 Pedro’s introduces Tülio™, adding great value to the QR device. Tülio replaces a standard quick release mechanism, becoming an integral part of the bicycle, adding only a few grams to its weight while ensuring that you never forget to carry a multi-tool on a ride.

Tülio provides the functionality of a standard quick release mechanism while providing a multi-tool at the ready which includes eight of the most commonly used bicycle tools – 4,5,& 6mm hex wrenches, an emergency 8mm hex wrench, a No. 2 flat head screwdriver, a chain tool (1-11 speed compatible) and a pair of spoke wrenches (3.23mm & 3.45mm). For any cyclist, Tülio provides the elegant solution to having the tool you need on any ride.

Weight: 99g

Number of tools: 8

Compatibility: 130 and 135mm rear quick release hubs with 10mm QR axles

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