Life gets in the way of Interbike

Posted by SuperClydesdale on September 14, 2011 under Commentary | Be the First to Comment

I am despondent.

Since I left the convention hall in Las Vegas last year, I’ve been looking forward to Interbike 2011.

Alas, it was not to be.  My actual life has gotten in the way.  I had to stay in NorCal and work at my real job — some crazy busy projects underway and I ended up not being able to justify taking the time to satisfy my velo fantasies.

Now, I will have to do my research the hard way — by conversing with manufacturers and fellow big guys one at a time.

Not only do I not get to see all the latest, greatest equipment.  I don’t get to drink until I vomit into my (or somebody else’s shoes).  I don’t get to walk the streets of Vegas, and hang with my peeps.    I don’t get to wait for 2 hours for a chance to ride a demo bike in the withering heat of Boulder City, standing in the blast furnace that passes for a pleasant summer breeze in the Mojave desert.

I don’t get the see the Felt booth babes (last year was impressive).   I had three times as much beer than I would have if it they were wearing more clothes.

I just am beside myself.  People are texting me about the sessions they are in, the “Interbike special deals” that they are taking advantage of.  I know that they are doing it to make me even more miserable and its working.

I was going to Interbike — and you weren’t!!!  Life is not fair.   I think I need to run out and buy a new bike just to take the edge off of this incredible cloud of disappointment funk that I am going to be wallowing in for the next several weeks.  Or months.

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