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It’s been a while since my last posting.  I took a long vacation, and just got back.  Postings will resume… 


I was in the Hawaiian islands.  My first stop was Lanai.  Very little cycling was done, although I did a 15-mile death march that passes for a hike on Lanai.  When I say “very little cycling was done” — that means absolutely none.  Apparently bikes are illegal on Lanai.  I stayed at the Four Seasons.  I figured that at a Four Seasons, they’d at least have some robust activity options, cycling being one.  Wrong.   They did have ”sporting clay” shooting, but no cycling.   Of course they had sporting clays… why wouldn’t they?  Who’d want to ride a bike?

I couldn’t find a bike to rent anywhere on the island, but then again there are only 3,500 people on the whole island.   Most of these don’t appear to be cyclists, unless they had “riding flip-flops.” 

Supposedly there is a traffic light on the island, although I never saw proof of it.

While I was unable to ride, it was still incredibly cool, and I had some great experiences, and a fantastic time.  I didn’t get on the computer much at all, hence the dearth of postings these last several weeks.  I could have arranged a “best of” where someone would re-post old articles and the unknowing might assume that I was still around.   I endeavored to do this, but was dismayed, after exhaustive review, to find that none of my prior postings qualified as “best of” anything.  Why you’re reading this is a mystery.  But, thank you.

After Lanai, we went to Maui.  More people.  In contrast, too many people. 

You could rent bikes on Maui, but outside of a handful of major highways, the roads looked like they’d be pretty treacherous.   Plus,  the roads are either uphill both ways, or incredibly windy. 

One day, we drove to Hana, a very small town on the far side of Maui — away from the population centers.   I would love to ride the road to Hana — a classic drive consisting of a very narrow road with about 40 single-lane bridges winding along the coast to the wet rain-forest side of Maui.  Spectacularly beautiful.  I did see a handful of riders on the way to Hana, apparently people without much to lose.  I don’t know that I could bring myself to do that ride.  It makes some of the dodgy roads near me look like freeways.

I drank massive amounts of  beer from the Maui Brewing Company — my favorite being the Big Swell IPA, a big, hoppy beer with 6.2% alcohol, on par with Lagunita’s IPA — just excellent.  My beer consumption, lack of regard for the caloric content of my meals, coupled with a near complete lack of cardio for several weeks led to me putting on 8 pounds.  Today’s ride was a challenge.

I’ll be posting some of my Hawaii experiences soon.  I know you’re excited.

Calm down.

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