I’m Back!!!

Posted by SuperClydesdale on August 27, 2013 under Commentary | 2 Comments to Read

Wow.  What an adventure.  I’ve been effectively locked out of this site since November of 2012 by a long series of technical issues that caused the site to be corrupted in the middle of a software upgrade.  It sucks not having tech support – I used to be a developer years ago, but my skills are quite dull at this point. 

It all started when spambots overwhelmed the site with bogus posts.  Tens of thousands of get-rich-quick schemes, erectile dysfunction ads, and notifications of large amounts of oil wealth locked in Nigerian bank accounts, just looking for a friendly soul to assist in transferring money out of the country – just needing a bank account to wire the money to.

I’ve often wondered why spam exists.  What fool has ever responded to a spam email, a spam text, or a spam on a blog?  I cannot believe that it’s a cost-effective way of trying to scam a buck.  It would seem simpler and more lucrative to simply bundle sub-prime mortgages, and pass them off as AAA securities.   I guess that’s already been done.

Anyway, I have upgraded the back-end software of the site, got the database cleaned up and can again post, have people register, etc.   The world will be a better place for it.

So much has happened.  So many articles pent up.

Thanks for everyone e-mailing me about site issues.  I’ve been working to get it all fixed but it just took longer than I thought to get resolved.

  • jimsweeney said,

    Glad to have your blog back after your hiatus. Yours was a site that really helped me out when I started out as, what you call, a “Pachyderm”. Lots of flats, busted spokes and even a destroyed rear derailleur in the beginning. There have been ups and downs since discovering your site a few years ago, but it turns out that I was a Pachyderm/Super Clyde/Clyde all by choice, AKA a “Fat Ass”, even though I haven’t seen anywhere close to 2 bills since I tried to get my speed up for college ball back in the early 90s.

    I have appreciated learning about and benefited from “hill repeats”, the “must/no pass rule”, hill monkeys, mountain gorillas and the rest and glad to see you posting again. At 198, trying for 185, but with the winter coming, it’s probably a reach especially since I am burning 20-30K calories a month riding and have cut back on my (considerable) booze intake while the wife is pregnant all to lose a couple pounds a month.

    On the Clydesdale bubble…

  • speedfishd said,

    Really glad that you’re back! I was worried that you’d given up the blog. I’m looking forward to your wheel report. I’m about to buy my first road bike in 30 years and will be glad to have your info and analysis.

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