Lance Armstrong the Sociopath

Posted by SuperClydesdale on August 27, 2013 under Commentary | Be the First to Comment

UPDATE regarding a previous defense of the sociopath Lance Armstrong.  Since being effectivley locked out of the blog by spammers that ended up corrupting the database in November — I’ve been struggling to get it repaired and back on-line for many months. I’ve been having to stare at the site, and see my defense of Lance as my last statement on the matter, when in fact my views changed substantially when he admitted that he’s an immoral creep, er ah.. that he’d been lying all these years, vigorously working to destroy the careers and lives of anyone who accused him.  I actually wrote the following the immediately after Lance admitted to cheating, but have not been able to post it until now.  Pretend Lance just fessed up…


On October 22nd, I posted a rousing defense of Lance Armstrong.  I have always felt that there were two criteria for establishing guilt in any situation:  evidence or admission of the crime.  For all these years, there were neither.

Lance Armstrong was, famously, one of the most tested athletes of all time, yet never caught.  With a lack of evidence — with so many people stalking him — I felt obligated to give Lance the benefit of the doubt.  Certainly in a criminal court, it would have been tough to convict him.  It didn’t matter much to me what others said, even what other athletes said – as I’ve aged I have come to believe that people with little to lose and much to gain can and will say anything.  In the dark world of athletic politics, I have a hard time believing anybody that might have an old score to be settled or a leniency to be gained. Since the stakes were so high –€“ a man’s life€’s work on the line — I felt obligated to give Lance Armstrong the benefit of the doubt.

Things have changed.  Since Lance Armstrong has now admitted that he doped, I can only wish ill for him. I hope that the punishment is deep and profound.  His name should be wiped from history like a Roman traitor Damnatio memoraie is the Latin phrase, meaning “condemnation of memory” which was to erase someone from history for having brought discredit to the Roman State.  Lance Armstrong has not only brought discredit to cycling, but to sport in general, to his country.  He is a special kind of traitor.

Mr. Armstrong is supposed to be worth some $100M €“ and his former sponsors, teams, and other people that he so viciously attacked over the years for accusing him of doping should go after it all. And I for one hope they get it.

Reading the transcript of the interview, it is apparent that Lance Armstrong is a sociopath.  He doesn’t feel bad about his doping and deception, doesn’t feel guilty. He’s forced to come clean is all and I believe he’d do it again if he were to return to competition.

In his mind, his many years of doping and blood transfusions just “leveled the playing field.  Well that could be, and if that were the case and he were caught or came out with it much earlier, then all might be water under the bridge at this point.  People are forgiving to people worthy of forgiveness.  But, he dug in.  He fought terrifically.  He fought like an innocent man would, and did it for a very, very long time.

He hurt many people who asserted his guilt — he took the fight way too far for a guilty man. At some point, a more honorable person would try to come clean and redeem his honor.  But he has none.  That’s why he could wait so long, until there was no place left to hide.  He is beyond redemption in my mind. He’s beyond forgiveness.

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